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Nächster Equal Pay Day: 18. März 2018


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BPW Brazil: Women for Water


On the 26th of April, the first lady of Brasilia / wife of the governor, Marcia Rollemberg, hosted a women's organization event to connect women and water.
The meeting was organized by BPW Brazil, WfWP (Margarida) and Soroptimist Brazil.

Below copies of their commitment, pictures of the event and the article in a Brazilian newspaper. There was also a segment on regional television.
More pictures to come.
There were 200 women present from 9 different women's platforms, including BPW, Sorroptimist both Brazil and  Latin America and WfWP.

The women signed a commitment paper.

In the mean time they have decided on three actions:

- September 2017: 2nd meeting of the whole group to celebrate "
water" at a location near/ in Brasilia to show management of good water management (PR event)

- A capacity building/ awareness raising activities: call for woman
water ambassadors - train-the trainer activity of / for these ambassadors - visits to/ " training" at  women's events, schools, SME lead by women to explain, raise awareness etc.; follow-up on real actions with / of these groups and report by video; summarizing video to show at 8th WWForum

- Manufacturing a jewel, depicting the world water forum to be sold
for raising funds to enable more women to come to the forum.

Lesha Witmer
(BPW Club Berlin)


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