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Wahl der neuen Young BPW Europe Repräsentantin


2017 ist das Jahr der großen Wahlen: Zum einen wird im April die neue Young BPW Europe Representative in Brüssel gewählt, zum anderen aber auch der neue BPW International Executive Board, dem auch unsere Young BPW International Representative angehört. Die Wahl dafür findet beim BPW International Congress vom 23. - 27. Oktober in Kairo statt.
Weitere Informationen zur Ausschreibung für Young BPW Europe findet ihr weiter unten, sowie zwei Interviews mit den aktuellen Repräsentantinnen, um einen Eindruck zu bekommen, was hinter den Ämtern steckt.

Young BPW ist ein Nachwuchsführungsprogramm innerhalb des BPW und bietet jungen Frauen die Möglichkeit Führungserfahrungen in unserer Organisation zu sammeln, daher bieten die beiden Ämter die ideale Chance Young BPW zu gestalten, europaweit und international zu arbeiten und in Führung zu gehen!

Wir wünschen allen Young BPW viel Erfolg bei den Bewerbungen!
Für Rückfragen stehen die derzeitigen Repräsentantinnen Ketlin und Maria gerne zur Verfügung.

Anja Gerhartz
Young BPW Germany Repräsentantin

2017 call of applications for Young BPW Europe Representative Position
Dear Young BPW in Europe,
On behalf of BPW European Committee of Coordination and BPW Europe Coordinator, Karin Raguin, I am pleased to send you the call for applications  of the Young BPW Europe Representative Position 2017 - 2020.
We would be grateful for you to circulate the information and to receive application forms filled in before 28 February  2017  until midnight at
The candidate will be elected at the President’s Meeting on 28  April 2017 .
It would be significant if the candidates could participate either at the BPW Europe Presidents’ meeting or at the BPW International Congress in Cairo (24-27 October 2017)  to get in touch with the ECC members.
When nominated, I shall support the new Representative and exchange on experiences and all information done and useful to know.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Dr. Maria Socratous
Young BPW Europe Representative 2014-2017
BPW European Committee of Coordination Member

Interview with Dr. Maria Socratous
Young BPW Europe Representative (2014-2017)

Member of BPW Club (Young BPW Cyprus) Cyprus (since 2008)
By Anja Gerhartz, Young BPW Germany Representative

How did you get in touch with BPW for the very first time and get involved with your BPW Club?

A colleague from work approached me and asked me if I was interested in working with her to form a Young BPW Club in Cyprus. I said yes! She was the first President of the club from 2008 – 2010. From 2010 until 2014 I was the President of the Club when I was elected as Young BPW Europe Represenative.

Did you have any other positions in your club/federation before beeing elected as the Young BPW International Representative?

From 2008-2010 I was the Public Relations Officer for Young BPW Cyprus and from 2010-2014 I was the President of the said club. I also participated at the board of BPW Cyprus during that period.

What was your main motivation to become the Young BPW Europe Representative? And how does the application and election works?

The main motivation was tob e able to work more closely with other young clubs in Europe and share my knowledge and experience with others as well. It was really challenging to organise the European clubs and event from a distance. However, there was great collaboration with everyone bot the ECC team and the young Representatives so the work so very pleasant and rewarding. The post is for 3 years, you apply when the call is made and then at the Presidents‘ meeting there is a voting between the Presidents of BPW Clubs in Europe.

Did you have any mentors during your time as a Representative and how did they influenced you? Are you also a mentor now for someone else?

My first mentor in BPW was Pinella Bombaci (ECC Secretary) who encouraged me to apply for the position and was always by my side. Also, the former President of BPW Cyprus Kikoula Cotsapas who again was really supportive throught my term. I offer mentorship to all the youngs (members of BPW or not) who ask! I also collaborate with Young BPW Malaysia and offer mentoring to students‘ group for a specific contast that runs every year.

Please let us know more about your impression of the position us the Young BPW Europe Representative, what were your highlights during your term? Did you learn any lessons for your future life during your term?

It is really challenging to work on a distance basis and be able to keep good contact with all the young clubs all over Europe. However, I consider my self really lucky as the majority of the Young Representatives during my term were very supportive, hard working and supportive. This made my work easier especially with the organisation of the Symposiums. The highlights were the establishment of the Young Symposiums that are organised every year in different countries and with specific themes, the introduction of the CEO Day and the mentoring scheme for the youngs. Also, the collaboration with Apple which started in 2016. What is important is to have trust between the ECC team and between the young Representatives. Each Representative should take over a specific role – the European Representative cannot and should not take over everything on her own!

Which characteristics should the new Young BPW Europe Representative have, what are her main responsibilities and what should she bring to the organisation?

The new Young BPW Europe Representative should be very organised and be able to handle difficult tasks in collaboration with her job and personal life. She should also have great communication skills and be able to allocate work to the Young Representatives. It is important also to have a pleasant personality and be supportive to all the members so that they can fulfil their potential. Last but not least she should be able to work closely with the rest of the ECC team. She should also bring new ideas to the organisation and work closely with the other regions. We all need to be united!

Do you have any personal plans yet how you want to serve for BPW in the future? And what are your visions for the Young BPW members around Europe?

I am planning to run for Young BPW International Representative. It is another great challenge especially after the very successful term of Ketlin! The idea is to get the regions to work more closely together and fight for women’s rights all over the world. Of course, each region has its own unique challenges but when we are united we can achieve miracles.

Your personal wishes for the new Young BPW Europe Representative?

I wish that the new Young BPW Europe Representative will continue the actions made so far and also the good collaboration between the European clubs. I also wish for the establishment of the young BPW clubs in countries that do not exist at the moment.

Your contact details for further questions:
Dr. Maria Socratous
skype: msokratous
tel. 00357-99059957

Interview with Ketlin Tackman
Young BPW International Representative (2014-2017)

Member of BPW Espoo Club, Finland (since 2006)
By Anja Gerhartz, Young BPW Germany Representative

How did you get in touch with BPW for the very first time and get involved with your BPW Club?

My mother has been a member of BPW Estonia since the beginning of 2000 something and I got Finnish BPW connections through her. I was asked to join the club iin Finland and so I did!

Did you have any other positions in your club/federation before beeing elected as the Young BPW International Representative?

In my very first position I served as a secretary of the board in my local BPW Club Espoo right after I was joined, I jumped my head first into the unknown. In 2011 I had a chance to participate the BPW International Congress in Helsinki after which I was chosen to be a Young BPW Finland Representative and also had a chair in the Board of our BPW National Federation.

Did you have any mentors during your time as a Representative and how did they influenced you? Are you also a mentor now for someone else?

I have never had any official mentor but I have had couple of BPW ladies I have really looked up to as: Past International President Tuulikki Juusela. She saw something in me and if I may say so... she kicked my butt... she said I can to it and that I sould try to move forward. She has always told me honestly if i have done something wrong but also told me to think of my stong sides. She is the woman I look up to.
Also Past European Regional Coordinator Sabine Schmeltzer gave me ideas and tips in a friendly way and she is the person who actually gave me an idea to run for the position of Young BPW International representative and so i did!

Please let us know more about your impression of the position as the Young BPW International Representative, what were your personal highlights during your term?

When I ran for the position, I had no idea what was waiting for me. This has actually been quite a hard work. If you want to do it well, you have to give a lot of your time and energy. As a working mother, I have been lucky to have my husband helping me very very much! Most difficult for me during my terms has been the fact that I haven´t have had any holidays with my family but I understand that it has been my own decision and i accept it. I have even missed my older son´s birthday to years in a row while I have been travelling fir BPW.
But, this has also been a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain experiences and to share experiences. To learn how to communicate with people from different cultures, to see and hear what is happening in the lives of women in different parts of the world. International friendships!! Just WOW! I have heard such great and also very devastating stories of peoples lives and these stories have changed me as a person. I have wanted to help women, to bring Young BPW members closer to each other globally. I have been lucky to have the chance to inspire and share the ideas with Young BPW members from all over the world! This position is like a job without the pay, but it is a really interesting and an educating one in such many ways! One very important personal thing I would like to point out is how important is has been for me to meet all of these great ladies who really want to make the difference.

Did you learn any lessons for your future life during your time as the Representative?

I have learned to speak in front of many, many people! I have also got lessons about cultural differences. I can use this in my life depending on what i am going to do in my future, but this has been a great platform to get some touch to it.
I have also learned how such big international organizations work, structural challenges and communicational challenges these kind of organixations might have. And again, cultural differences. I have also learned and got to feel personally that not everyone who smiles to you is your friend, I have much thicker skin now. I have learned how to communicate with my colleagues abroad in my current daily job because of BPW!

Which characteristics should the new Young BPW Europe Representative have and what are her main responsibilities and your recommendations for her?

You have to be open to people but still careful how to communicat. There are so many cultures in our organization and you have to be a little bit careful not to burn bridges because that does not serve anyone. One needs really to think that we are here all together with the same goal (still not being naive at the same time). Don´t think too highly of yourself when communicating with others, we are all the same. This task is just a task.. one can´t work alone. You need to have great ladies helping you to work together towards to the goal we so much want to gain and it is not possible to do alone. Don´t jump into the „politics“. Take time for BPW, travel, meet people, participate! Be there, be close and most important: please do care!


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