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Nächster Equal Pay Day: 18. März 2019


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Rio+20: Business and Professional Women setzen sich für integrale Nachhaltigkeit sowie für Green & Inclusive Business ein


Einen 100-Millionen-EURO Integralen Fonds für „Green & Inclusive Businesses“ haben die Business and Professional Women International gemeinsam mit AQAL Investing und CXCatalysts anlässlich des UN-Gipfels für nachhaltige Entwicklung Rio+20 ins Leben gerufen.

Maßgeblich daran beteiligt war Dr. Mariana Bozesan, Fördermitglied im BPW Germany sowie Präsidentin & Gründerin von AQAL Investing, einer in München basierten Integral Investment Company. Insgesamt haben internationale BPW-Verbände 20 Eingaben für nachhaltige und vor allem frauengeführte Unternehmen in Rio+20 getätigt. Folgender gemeinsamer Dankesbrief des BPW International, BPW Germany, BPW Turkey und BPW Brazil ging an UN-Generalsekretär Ban Ki-moon:

Dear Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,

this note is long overdue but given some NGO’s rejection of the final document, we feel we must submit this so this stakeholder engagement process continues to evolve in a positive manner.

We are extremely grateful to Chantal Line Carpentier and UN DESA’s Major Groups team under the direction of Mr. Sha and Mr. Seth that International Federation of Business & Professional Women was invited to the Dutch Government‘s Rio + 20  Business Consultation co-organized with the International Chamber of Commerce, UN Global Compact, and World Business Council for Sustainable Development this past April in the Hague. 

BPW International represents more than 70,000 business and professional women in 95 countries.
While we have been ECOSOC accredited for more than six decades, this is our first time to be formally engaged in this process thanks to Chantal Line’s efforts to bring business women’s voice to the table.  

We have always been involved with the Commission on the Status of Women and other traditional women-centered UN initiatives but CSD was one we had overlooked.  As a result of attending the consultation at The Hague, we realized the potential our members could bring to the sustainable development movement and our global transition to green economic growth. 

We have always lived and operated sustainably, but now we know there is a name and process for what we do and a framework that allows us to better communicate our efforts.
While some parties are disappointed in the final document, we found the stakeholder outreach extremely valuable as it opened our minds to the potential we could do as well as connected us to new processes and partners so we can be heard. 

Given the historic nature of this meeting we plan to submit at least 20 commitments before we leave Rio so that when our children and grandchildren ask what we did, we have something tangible and concrete to point to. 

We are strong supporters of UN Women and UN Global Compact, making the Women’s Economic Principles a strategic priority for all of our chapters around the world.  The World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Vision 2050’s must haves for 2020 specifically highlighted women’s economic empowerment and because of these very important documents, we have found new entry points for our business and professional women to engage within their organizations and communities.
We have already made Rio+20 commitments to create and support nearly 8,000 women-owned green economy businesses around the world and I assure you there will be more. 

One of our BPW NY members, Tess Mateo of CXCatalysts, has committed to launch a Global Green Inclusive Innovation (G2i2) Summit and BPW Munich member Dr. Mariana Bozesan has committed to create a 100 million Euro Integral Fund. 

We invite you to join us at our inaugural G2i2 Summit this October at the Bangalore, India campus of BASD Chair Infosys.
Through this Rio+20 process we learned there are companies and governments who are committed to sourcing or supporting women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs and we want to continue to learn more of how to work with them and support their efforts. 

This week we heard about the impressive inclusive business initiatives of multinational companies like Unilever, Coke, Pepsi, Nestle and Greif.  Conversations with Swedish Minister Gunilla Carlsson, New Zealand’s Deputy Minister Amanda Ellis, Dutch Minister Kitty van der Heiden and Danish Minister Ida Auken truly inspired us and helped shaped our minds about how we and our members can accelerate sustainable development.

We hope you and the UN continue to engage the stakeholders.  Through our collective understanding and contributions we can all make the world a better place for everyone and future generations.  We thank you again and the UN DESA Major Groups team for opening your processes to us so we can find ways to help you implement the outcome of this timely and inspirational conference.


Ms. Freda Miriklis, President, International Federation of Business & Professional Women
Ms. Tess Mateo, BPW NY, Managing Director, CXCatalysts
Dr. Mariana Bozesan, BPW Germany, President AQAL Investing
Dr. Arzu Ozyol, BPW Turkey, President Hydra Consulting
Mrs. Yara Blochtein, BPW Brazil, Tree for Life

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